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Your smile is one of your most important assets; it expresses joy and positivity, and helps inspire confidence in those you meet. If you want to achieve a more radiant, harmonious smile, visit us at Rocky Hill Family Dentistry to find out if you’re a candidate for treatment with porcelain veneers or one of the many other cosmetic solutions we can provide. Our skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist in Rocky Hill can transform less-than-perfect teeth into the beautiful smile of your dreams.

Enhancing the appearance of your smile is easy and stress-free with the care of our cosmetic dentist in Rocky Hill. Your smile makeover begins with a consultation, which gives you the opportunity to discuss your aesthetic goals. Our dentist will also perform a comprehensive examination to determine an effective treatment plan. If your teeth are chipped, misaligned, too small or undersized, we may recommend treatment with veneers. As one of the first steps in care, our dentist will take an accurate set of diagnostic records, which helps us to design your veneers for a precise fit and optimal aesthetic results. These records are then sent to our laboratory, where they fabricate your veneers, using the highest quality dental grade porcelain. Porcelain captures and reflects light to recreate the translucency of healthy tooth enamel, to give your smile a natural looking sparkle. We’ll then gently and precisely adhere to the wafer-thin facings to the front surfaces of your teeth, improving their size, shape, color and overall appearance. Your lightweight, stain-resistant veneers are easy to care for, and by brushing, flossing and keeping up with biannual checkups, you can enjoy your veneers for years to come.

At Rocky Hill Family Dentistry, our goal is to help you smile with the utmost confidence. Our cosmetic dentist in Rocky Hill combines the art and science of dentistry to give you the smile you envision. To learn more or to schedule a smile makeover consultation, call today.

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